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"Pop Horn Classics" Pop Horn Classics is a stage show complete with costume changes,
choreographed horns, audience sing alongs, TV themes of the era and popular horn
oriented instrumental and vocal music of the 40s/50s-60s/70s.
Our Comedic M.C. depicts characters of the eras while providing Historical, Cultural and
Composer Information.

Set #1: The Big Band Era 40s & 50s

Costumes for this show emanate from the 1940s. Pin striped suits with bold ties compliment the fedora hats
The Music of Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole and Louie Prima are just some of the artists featured.
Sing-A-long Jump Jive and Wail
TV/Radio Themes include; The Little Rascals, Woody Woodpecker, Alfred Hitchcock and I Love Lucy.

Set #2: The Baby Booming 60s & 70s

Costumes: Tie Dyed shirts, fringed jackets, head bands, bell bottom pants, love beads, sunglasses, afro hair, long hair and colorful silky shirts
The Music of Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Sam & Dave, Rare Earth and Marvin Gaye are just some of the popular artists featured.
Sing-A-long: Heard it through the Grapevine.
TV Themes include; The Flintstones, Star Trek, Perry Mason, Andy Griffith and Peter Gunn.

The ensemble is comprised of Tenor Sax, Alto or Baritone Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, enhanced Bass and Keyboards, Guitar, Drums and Vocals.

Formed in 1996 by drummer, arranger, composer and vocalist Dick Cunico, the group has performed for a variety of events including Weddings, Festivals, Clubs, Corporate Events, Concerts, Anniversaries, Fund raisers, Dances, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Universities, Centers for the Arts, Alumni gatherings, Talent Agencies, Church functions, Balls and Restaurants.

Dick Cunico’s film and TV credtis include appearances in the Beverly
Hillbillies Movie (20th Century Fox), The Thing Called Love (Paramount), When A
Man Loves A Woman (Touchstone), Brain Donners (Paramount), Burkes Law
(Aaron/Spelling) and CBS "Northern Exposure" (National).As well as producing the Pop
Horn Classics show, Cunico performed nationally and Internationally 80-100
shows a year from 1994-2004 with the #1 Beatles

Cunico performed nationally and internationally 80-100 shows a year from 1994-2004 with the #1 Beatles Tribute act "Yesterday", portraying the fun filled Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. He also arranged the Symphony Orchestrations for the groups Pop Series which was performed with symphonies across the United States.

Dick Cunico hails from Los Angeles, where he performed and/or recorded with such Jazz greats as Howard Levy (Bela Fleck), Eric Marienthal (Chick Corea) Steve Bailey (Dizzy Guilesspie & The Rippingtons), Skitch Henderson (NBC Orchestra), Jerry Donahue (The Helicastors), Louis Conte (Koinonea) Lanny Morgan (Supersax), Alex Isles (Bill Holman big band & Alexanders Ragtime Dixieland Band) Bob Summers (Woody Herman big band),Benoit Grey (Ray Charles), Rick Fleishman (Art Pepper), Henry Skipper Franklin(Clark Terry), Tom Hill (Ray Brown Band) and Alex Milstein (Jeff Lorber). He has also perfomred with Dolly Pardon in “The Beverly Hillbillies Movie (Twentieth Century Fox) River Phoehix, Jimmy Dale Gilmore and Debra Allen in “The Thing Called Love” (Paramount) “When a Man Loves a Women (Touchstone) “Brain Donners” (Paramount) Burkes Law (Aaron/Spelling CBS) and “Thirty Something” (ABC).

Robyn - Comedic M.C. & the Characters she portrays.

Robyn as "Rosie the Riveter" circa 1940s
Robyn as "Cher" circa 1960s

About the characters
Lucy: Lucille Ball’s career of campy, slapstick characters & comedy
includes over 500 performances & is notably punctuated by being a savvy business
entrepreneur. From Glamour Girl to Comedy Star, Radio, Stage, Movies & T.V. her
skits are in reruns to this day; her light will ever shine & inspire.
The Professor/ Tramp: A character for “Desilu Productions”, inspired by
Charlie Chaplin, who premiered in the “I Love Lucy” Pilot in 1951. A take
off, that took off & returned many times to educate & entertain.
Rosie the Riveter: The feminine Uncle Sam, Rosie enticed 6 million
American Women to enter the work force in all capacities. Norman Rockwell’s
“Saturday Evening Post” cover in 1943 (@.10) insured U.S. production would exceed all
3 Axis Allies, supporting a Victory in W.W.II.
Woody Woodpecker: Movies to Television, Walter Lantz’s red headed wonders
heroic reputation began when Kai Kaizers theme song was #1 on the “Hit
Parade” for 3 months running & got Woody the “Presidential Nomination” in Rome,
Georgia in 1948.
Cher: She sings, she dances, she is a strikingly gorgeous screen & stage
Icon. Perfecting the comedic straight person as well as evoking deep emotion with
her dramatic performances, this versatile entertainer shatters the stereotype
of a “chick singer” inspiring us all... to go for it!
Soul Girl: A natural, unnatural gal with Afro (a hairstyle) & Neon
polyester epitomized soul expression with daring strength & rhythm in the 1970’s.
Proof that we can all effect one another & create Harmony.
Sgt.Pepper: Makes an appearance to salute the free flowing psychedelic
“Peace & Love” culture. Idealistic, hopeful & energetic youth were globally
encouraging the positive possibilities available to humanity, with
the “Beatles” at the helm.
Vulcan: Gene Roddenberrys “Star Trek” moral tales spawned 5 T.V. Shows
& 10 feature films, as well as the spirit to “bravely” explore & question
ethics. His logic prevails in outer & inner space, with a Vulcan message to “Live
Long & Prosper.”
So many characters so little space, of course you can read more about it...
We recommend Wikopedia.com, as a launching point.

Band members include:
Rex Matzke (Tenor Sax),
Chris Wojtecki (Alto/Baritone Sax)
Bob Rheam (Trumpet)
Louise Wilson (Trombone)
Mac Tosh (Bass/Piano)
Phil Schwartz (Guitar/Vocals)
Dick Cunico (Drums/Vocals).

The groups colorful musical arrangements, captive costuming, descriptive historical dialogue and television antidotes capture the exciting essence of the era depicted. The resulting sound is a unique and robust expression of Horn Powered Popular Music spanning 4 decades.

Each segment of the show is approximately 45-50 minutes in length with a 20 minute break.

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MP3 Music Samples
for Pop Horn Classics

From the 40s/50s

From the 60s/70s

Soul Man
Make me Smile
Star Trek

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40's / 50's
60's / 70's
In The Mood Glenn Miller 25 or 6 to 4  Chicago
All of Me Frank Sinatra Soul Man       Sam and Dave
A String of Pearls Glenn Miller Sir Duke   Stevie Wonder
I love Lucy Elliot Daniel The Andy Griffith theme Earle Hagen
It had to be you B Hutton Weston Orch Colour my world Chicago
Night Train    Jimmy Forrest Pretty Woman     Roy Orbison
Route 66     Nat King Cole Get Ready     Rare Earth
Little Rascals Roy Shield La Bamba     Richie Valens
Summertime G Gershwin Peter Gunn Henry Mancini
Pennsylvania 6-5000 Glenn Miller Got to get you into my life The Beatles
Perry Mason Red Steiner You Made Me so very happy   Blood Sweat and Tears
My Heart Belongs to Daddy Cole Porter Peg     Steely Dan
Take the A Train Duke Ellington I Wish       Stevie Wonder
The very thought of you (Noble) B Holiday Grapevine   Marvin Gaye
Woody Woodpecker Tibbles Idris Flintstones Curtin Hanna Barbera
Harlem Nocturn    Earle Hagen Does Anybody Really Know? Chicago
Stompin' at the Savoy Benny Goodman Spinnin' Wheel    Blood Sweat and Tears
Jump Jive and Wail     Louie Prima When I'm 64 The Beatles
Make me smile     Chicago
Star Trek Alexander Courage
My Old School Steely Dan

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