avante pop original music of Chance

Chance---An Avante Pop Band

Cherly Leah

Oscar Hidalgo
Ed Willett
Dick Cunico
Cheryl Leah Oscar Hidalgo Ed Willett Dick Cunico
 "Chance strikes a universal chord" (Hollywood Gazette).  Their recently released album "Something Ventured" featuring the single "Toy Cows in Africa" makes its national debut on CBS's hit television series Northern Exposure.  Chance is a dynamic blend of avant jazz/pop/fusion within a classical framework.  This vocally oriented, classically influenced new music includes voices, cello, contrabass, alto recorder, guitar, fiddle, acoustic/electronic percussion and synthesizer.  "The polished and passionate" (Greg Hettmansberger, L.A. Times) playing is provided by Cheryl Leah, Ed Willett, Oscar Hidalgo and Dick Cunico.  Chance members have also performed and/or recorded individually with such artists as Mikhail Baryshnikov and the White Oak Dance Project, Miroslav Vitous, The Honolulu Symphony, Louis Conte, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, John Williams, Max Highstein, Lalo Schifrin and Poetry Press & Quest Productions.  Chance has been performing at festivals, art galleries and museums, clubs and local radio and television shows.  Radio airplay of "Something Ventured" in the Western United States has facilitated several very successful road tours.  Humor and charisma abound throughout Chance's set.  "Chance is an entertaining crew that transcends musical boundaries". (Karen Sundell, Music Connection)
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Chance - alternative music
    Something Ventured
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Buy The CD!!
Chance - alternative music
   Price $17
Free Shipping & Handling
in the USA
MP3 Music Samples
Toy Cows in Africa
No Mama
MP3 Music Samples
April In Her Smile

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Title Songwriter(s)
Toy Cows in Africa Willett/Leah
Moments Willett/Leah
Farewell Willett
The Beauty of Age Willett
Is There A Limit? Willett/Leah
No Mama Willett
Nightmares in Double Spacing Willett/Leah
Before It Sleeps Forever Cunico/Leah
Last Days Cunico/Leah
Streaming Hidalgo/Leah
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